About Elliot


Hey! I'm Elliot Leonard. I'm a singer/songwriter from Hartlepool, UK. 


When I was 19 I left my beloved home town to travel the world. I traveled and worked around the world for eight years.


The first place I settled to live and work was Gold Coast, Australia. It was there that I bought a second hand guitar and began to sit looking over the ocean learning simple chords.


Two years later, in New Zealand, I wrote my first song. It was called 'Upside Down'. I wrote it because my partner at the time had mentioned to me that we were upside down. We were both from UK and on the opposite side of the world. This meant, she explained, that in respect to all of our family, we were upside down. I found it quite funny and wrote the song about being upside down.


My first song was a silly song really, and the songs that followed shortly after were certainly not worthy of an album, but it was the beginning of something which would eventually become one of the most important parts of my life. It lead to writing three albums worth of music. Music that I really care about and think people might like. But, we'll get to that.


For now, my debut album is out now!